Will Mobile Marketing take over the Web Marketing in the future?


You might be reading this article on your smartphone or tablet right now. So, when was the last time you used your cell phone only for the purpose of making a call? It’s been years or even a decade when we knew its solitary usage. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the selfie generation is not only witnessing but driving this mobile or smartphone revolution across the globe. The no. of mobile internet users, which was 173 million at the end of December, 2014 is expected to grow to 213 million by 2015. Not only this, rural India promises a strong 33% increase, according to Internet and Mobile Association of India.

This rise can be attributed to the higher share of data usage than voice and text functionality. Expense of mobile data has increased from Rs 173 to Rs 235 showing a growth of 36%. The proportion of internet users on mobile to internet users across all platforms has increased considerably. It is apprehended to reach 85% for urban and 65% of rural users.

Customers spend a majority of their time on mobile devices or smartphones. Hence, the best place to lure and target them. Globally, other than the developed nations, the BRIC countries are also undergoing a sweeping change in smartphone adoption rate. In India, only one fifth of the population has access to the internet which makes us believe that there is an enormous scope of innovation and reach. The growing need for customization by the users will only fan the fire further. Access on the go and the advent of affordable smartphones has made the dream of smartphone ownership come true for the common man.

Will Mobile Marketing take over the Web Marketing in the future?

There are myriad reasons for the paradigm shift from web marketing to mobile marketing. Not only can you reach out to your customers at any point of time, but can create meaningful relationships with your customers.

Let us look at some of the different types of Mobile marketing techniques.

Location based services

In this context, knowing about someone’s location can be an asset to leverage upon. Location based services are utilized by some brands to send across customized adverts and information based on their current location. For example, if a person has purchased a watch from a retail store in a shopping mall. Whenever in the vicinity of the mall, she will get updates of special offers and discounts from the brand. As per Cisco, 40% of shoppers use the in-store Wi-Fi to browse the shop’s website while inside the store. LBS revenue is expected to reach $50 million by 2019.

SMS Marketing

Recently received an SMS from a retail store you went for shopping? Such a way of advertising has caught attention in this millennium. Not only this, we share with you a novel idea propagated by Zipdial, a four year old startup. They collaborated with Twitter India to empower those having no internet connection or without a smartphone to follow their favourite stars. You can give a missed call to a specific no. and then converse with the star by SMS “tweeting”.

Mobile App Marketing

With the plethora of apps available on platforms like Apple App Store and Google play store, one can get access to almost anything under the sun. Advertising through apps has seen an astounding increase in recent times. Bollywood movies such as Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Happy New Near, etc. have been advertised through apps. It allows the marketers a specific target group who can be directly engaged with the brand. There has been a 700% increase in the no. of apps on Google Play Store from 2010 to 2013.

Expected trends in 2015:

  • Security As mobile internet ascends to a new level, millions of shoppers expose data confidential in nature to hackers and cyber thieves. So, the need to secure and take accountability assume much more importance per se.
  • Internet of Things Smart cars, smart thermostats and what not! These all belong to the category of Iot or the internet of things. The concept is integrating objects with the internet so that they can be controlled and monitored via an app over the internet. Research company, Gartner estimates that 4.9 billion connected devices will be used in 2015 and could go up to 25 billion by 2020.Seoforgot
  • M-commerce With mobile commerce being the growth driver, the payments via mobile has posed a serious question to the companies who vie for market share across the retail market. Brands can leverage this aspect to make this buying experience worthwhile and convenient for the mobile shoppers.seograph
  • Social Media One can’t impress more upon the necessity of brand presence on social media platforms and the user engagement it provides to them. Payment using the social media wallets is definitely going to grab eyeballs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have been on the tips of the smartphone users who spend more time on the web compared to other social avenues.


  • Programmatic buying Understanding the buying behavior of the consumers has never acquired more importance than now. We are in the digital age where web marketing has given way to mobile marketing where different interpretations of user data can be used by marketers to target and retarget its customers. In case, you are looking at a mobile marketing campaign, let us look at its advantages.
    • Effective 2 way communication
    • Much higher response rate compared to other mediums
    • Lesser cost incurred.
    • Collection of specific and relevant user data

    Academician Andreas Kaplan defines mobile marketing as any marketing activity which is conducted through an omnipresent network, which connects consumers via a mobile device. Mobile is here to stay and is definitely the future. So rather than being critical of the shortcomings of this platform, brands should look at leveraging it to improvise the user experience and in the process strengthen the relationship with their customers.

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