Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Our effective social media strategy and execution capability to help you maintain your social media presence, grow audience and engage with your company followers.

In India, Facebook has a penetration of around 100 million, twitter has 33 million and LinkedIn has 26 million users approximately. If you isn’t present on social media, you are missing the chance to build strong relationships with the people who matter most.
Whether you’re a small business or a multinational conglomerate that’s looking to expand and target new markets, the basic social media marketing strategy case- allow people to interact with you instantly and transparently.

At DM Tree, we specialize in social media marketing services that enables you to interact with existing and potential customers in the most uninhibited way possible. Our experts tailor Social Media Marketing strategy for popular being Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn to increase the number likes, comments, views, retweets and user generated content.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

Our in house team of designers create social media profiles and tailor them with awesome images, fantastic graphics. The striking pages are designed as per brand image and brand guidelines and definitely attract attention of existing and potential customers over a competitor company.

Social Media Management

Our social media professionals communicate with existing & potential customers via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, increase website traffic to achieve significant results by influencing and building lasting relations with the target audience. The platforms we use at DM Tree, help us to organize all the social platforms hassle free and maintain the positioning and messaging consistent across platforms.

Brand Monitoring

We track the brands day and night to detect every single mention across social platforms. It helps brands to keep an eye on how the brand has been perceived and how it is impacting the overall perception of the brand on social media. Brand monitoring helps in reputation management for brand at the time of crisis and also helps in building a lasting relationship over social media.

Social Media Contests

Innovative and unique contest on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can highly increase the engagement and quality traffic in a short span of time. Our team of experts through experience and brain storming determine which types of contest and which social media platforms are the most suitable for creating a buzz for your brand.

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