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I know, it’s always tricky to try and predict the future but it’s also a fun exercise at the same time. It’s a very sound way to reflect about the past and seeing tiny bits and pieces that amount to an upcoming trend.

With social trends evolving over the period of time, digital marketing is surely under transformation and the earlier we see and embrace these emerging trends, the better it is for gaining a potential competitive edge.

Some interesting trends in the digital marketing have attracted a lot many consumers and are likely to advance. Some being:

Mobile payment going mainstream

Nobody should and can actually deny the meteoric rise in numbers and penetration rates of smartphones on a global level. The questions that arises that to what extent do we all actually use our mobile phone to actually pay for any products and services available? Google Wallet, as everyone is aware has been in existence for a while now, and looking at some big brand names such as Starbucks cafés, that are totally different and are at the forefront of mobile payment along with in-store capabilities and loyalty programs which helps in making transactions frictionless. Yet it can be observed that the mainstream uptake has been slow for various reasons.

Social Media Advertising

Till now, social media marketing has been mostly been about engaging with various communities of followers, except for Facebook which has already developed a pretty sophisticated advertising tool through either its native campaign tool or with Power Editor. Other social media channels are now being a lot more paced up in appealing to advertisers, like Twitter and Linkedin which have both developed more sophisticated advertising tools allowing savvy targeting and intricate performance measurement.

Advertising is coming to new platforms which are growing like Instagram and Pinterest, most likely in 2015 and the upcoming years, whatsapp would also be a medium. It is made understood that most brands understand that social media is no longer just “a free ride” and that organizations needs to invest in some form so as to make social media effort perform and also hence complement the overall digital efforts. That is not to say that all platforms will follow a spin approach towards a “pay to play” approach as we’re witnessing with most of the social media sites but it will certainly mean that savvy marketers think and  plan accordingly with increased budgets for social media marketing, campaigns and advertising.


Going digital with youtube cards for your videos

In early march in 2015, YouTube announced YouTube Cards, a new way which would add interactivity to your videos. What’s so advance is that they look great across devices, particularly the mobile segment. With over half of views are now generated from mobile devices, YouTube Cards make a lot of sense. Taking a closer look on how they can be used in campaigns, as a YouTube publisher one may have used or been aware of the annotations tool in YouTube. This allows one to overlay important information and links over the top of your video content throughout the video. This would be useful for generating engagement with the channel, other videos, and sending traffic to external websites i.e. your own website page.

In totality it seems that the corporate have to be tech savvy to succeed and as a result of marketing campaigns, Digital platforms will continue to drive “smarter marketing.”


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