10 ways to make a powerful LinkedIn profile for Individuals and professionals

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The latest survey data says a full 94% of recruiters, today use social media in their recruitment efforts. And that is across the board for short order cooks to financial analysts. And yet people are puzzled, or at least, sceptical as to why tools like LinkedIn are such a game changer.

LinkedIn decade old and has more than 200 million members, most professionals have figured out how to set up a profile and build connections. But with ever-increasing numbers of hiring managers and recruiters using the site to hunt for job candidates and potential employers routinely checking LinkedIn before they make hiring decisions, it’s worth reviewing your profile to make sure it does you the most good.

Think of it like this: it used to be that only the demand side of the labour market was organized. Employers advertised the jobs; candidates had to look at what was posted (first in newspapers, then online) and apply to just that.

Now the supply side of the labour market – i.e. you and me — has a place to hang out. And employers can come and find us, with or without a specific job in mind. LinkedIn is a searchable database of talent and skills. You are potentially visible to everyone specifically looking for what you have to offer. Imagine if you could permanently run an ad in a world newspaper selling the best of “you” – and that anyone with any opportunity, whether it is a job offer, a consulting gig, or a business deal, could find you. That’s LinkedIn.

Ways to make LinkedIn profile for Individual.

Are you being found for keywords on LinkedIn?

Have you done your research using Google’s Keyword Tool to see what keywords you should be using on your Profile and in group discussions? All of these are indexed by LinkedIn and Google. Another reason why you need lots of new first degree connections is that first degree connections always appear first in search results.

First and foremost important thing, whatever is written in the LinkedIn profile, whether its summary, introduction or anything in the profile, add the most important keywords in your LinkedIn profile title and your summary. Add those same top keywords to Skills and Expertise and other sections like Interests. Go to Google.com and start entering your keywords. Google will auto-populate suggestions for searches. These suggestions are the top searches performed on Google by other people.

Personalize the website

When you edit your website, the drop down menu gives you the option of “other”. Click on it to open a new field that allows you to type in your business name, website name, call-to-action, or description of your website. Instead of “Company Website” or “Personal Website” this section can read “Social Selling for Prospecting” or “Click here: Social Selling Advice.

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Maximize Your Group Membership and Aggressively Expand Your Network

Joining and participating in relevant groups won’t just expand your network, but it can improve your profile’s SEO. Since the group names appear on your profile, search engines have no choice but to crawl the titles and learn more about who you are and what you do. Not only will joining industry-relevant groups improve the keywords on your profile, but local groups like “Nashville Marketing Professionals” can help with Geo-targeted SEO. LinkedIn search results elevate results for connections within a network i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd level connections, groups. Therefore need to be connected to as many people as possible


Have you done with optimization of your profile?

Optimize your job description, Instead of writing out full paragraphs, use a wide variety of relevant keywords in bullet-pointed lists. Formatting your descriptions will also increase your profile’s scan ability. Claim Your Vanity URL by connecting your LinkedIn profile to your name that allow you to be found easier by real-life connections. It will also let you add your custom URL to business cards. Repeating the same keyword throughout your profile isn’t going to give you much search benefit. Take an approach of optimizing around secondary keywords that are still relevant and descriptive of your skill set.

Set up a Products/Services tab

Besides creating a full list of products and services, including an image, description, key features, product URL, company contact, and video, a company can create a featured products and services list to highlight its core products. The Products and Services tab has a few purely visual elements, too, including three images to feature at the top of the page, and a YouTube video on the bottom right

Don’t forget to collect your endorsements and Recommendations.

Skill endorsements are a great way to recognize connections’ strengths and connection validates our own skills and strengths as well. While these may not have carry as much weight as other elements of your profile, endorsements help add to the overall value of the professional profile.


Create the page of Analytics

This page will help us to see analytics behind the number of visits and the people who visit your page. Analytics include numbers for your company for page views, unique visitors, clicks on the Products and Services tab, members following your page, and the types of people who visit your page.


Alter Products/Services pages by demographics

After you create a generic Products and Services tab, consider creating alternative pages for different demographics. LinkedIn gives company page admins the ability to show targeted Products and Services pages to specific user/industry segments. These segments can be chosen by job function, industry, seniority, and/or geography.


Post status updates: These updates appear in users’ feeds on LinkedIn if they are following a company. Updates provide a way for users to interact with a company, and for a company to potentially gain exposure within its followers’ friends’ feeds.


If a company does not post status updates, the likelihood of a follower visiting your page frequently is low to nonexistent. Post status updates to ensure you’re top of mind with your LinkedIn followers.

Paid LinkedIn Opportunities

A business is able to increase the exposure of its brand and company page by using LinkedIn’s paid features. Paid features include the Careers tab and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which enable a brand to bring ads to its target audience by targeting by profession, seniority, industry, company size, geography, and/or education.

This can be done by posting Jobs because posting a job on LinkedIn creates a generic Careers tab displaying all LinkedIn job posts created by that company. Another more costly feature is a personalized Careers page and Display ads. Display ads on LinkedIn may appear in multiple shapes and sizes, and much like display ads on other networks, help to increase brand awareness. Content Ads and Social ads are another features, where content ads allow to stream multiple content types through a customized, tabbed module. Through this advertisement type, a business can deliver multiple types of timely, engaging content, such as a video, Twitter, or RSS feed, in one streamlined unit. And Social ads are advertisements that encourage users to interact with your brand on LinkedIn.

Using these above strategies we can enhance the visibility of our LinkedIn profile individually and professionally.

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